Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. Among all the funny cat videos and viral memes—both of which I enjoy all too much—there’s the little bits and pieces that seem to suck up all our time, without us even knowing it. Before you know it, you’ve missed out on getting your growing pile of laundry done, forgot to feed the dog and you haven’t even started dinner. All of a sudden, you’re blaming Facebook and swearing under your breath to Twitter for absorbing your attention.

Fear not. It’s something we all go through. There’s actually plenty of positives that come with these channels as well. Especially when it comes to productivity and motivation.

For me, using social media as a tool and not a hindrance relies on consuming it in moderation—much like the chocolate stashed away at the back of my pantry. It’s all about finding a balance, and once you have established that, you may actually find your social media obsession can be a great motivator.

Social media communities

No matter your platform, there is some kind of community within your interest that’s active. What it takes to actually utilise these connections is to understand what sparks your fire and gets your mental adrenaline flowing. For me, it’s anything to do with content marketing and online consumer behaviour. The tactics others in my industry use to pave a new path in the field constantly have me enthralled.  It’s an exciting time to be in my line of work.


And so I use my spare moments scrolling through Twitter and absorbing discussions on Quora or Reddit to actively feed this obsession. Where others are asking questions, I’m there answering them (much like right now), simply because I can’t help it. I love being a part of a community that’s still trying to work out the ins and outs of something. It’s thrilling to know you’re somehow making a mark for someone else. That’s where these social channels help me stick to my path to productivity.

Feeding the ego

Let’s face it though—nothing really gets us going than others who are willing to stroke those egos of ours. Well-known people tag us in photos and mention us in comments; all of a sudden, we’re “famous”. We may not be the Kim Kardashians of the world (I’m okay with that), but we’re getting that sense of attention we can’t stop craving.

But while that has us reeling for more, we’re also actively fuelling our brain with positive reinforcement that proves what we’re doing is seeing results.


A great example of this is the ever-increasing Instagram trend that sees fitness goers using the platform to inspire themselves. By posting #fooddiary posts and contributing to the massive amounts of #fitspo content on the channel, they’re also helping others to see the ‘before and after’ results that they too could gain with a little hard work. Mind you, this also means remembering a balance and consuming these messages with an alert, skeptical mindset. Absorbing negative or harmful content for health-related trends is dangerous when the diets or regimes aren’t full understood in their entirety. But like I said before…everything in moderation.

Acting on it

There’s nothing like feeling that you’ve dropped the ball and you’re no longer able to find a way to pick yourself back up and get back on track. Creating healthy habits and productive routines is hard, but is done with a bit of positive encouragement. To do this, utilise those around you. Even if you don’t know them, they’re already there and actively contributing to these channels—use them to your advantage!

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