Walking down the aisle of the local supermarket could actually be the most depressing thing. Or even making my way down the busy CBD streets of Melbourne after a long day of challenging work. Why? Because no matter how much I’ve endeavoured to make a difference to the world around me, these people, the ones ignorantly bumping shoulders with me as they rapidly exchange their day’s business antics into their iPhone, they have never seen or heard of me before. I haven’t changed their world and they have no idea that I could have somehow changed my own.

But all of that is okay. It’s acceptable, perhaps inevitable.

Find the light in the darkness and forget about those who don’t

I’m the kind of person that self-exclaims when I’ve had a win and I’m fine with telling the world that I’ve somehow hit a home run. These days, letting the people around you know – whether you know them or not – usually ends up with you being labelled a narcissistic, self-obsessed bragger. And whilst I can be prone to a selfie or two at times and a few look-what-I-dids every now and then, I’m still puzzled by why we feel the need to mute our accomplishments in a world that is so commonly filled with darkness.

With what criteria do we grade our goals on and why are others deemed to have “success” while others just have spikes of something good? How do decide one way of doing great is superior than another? Who decides what should be remembered and what’s unworthy enough to be forgotten?

We can’t change the world but we can change our own

The sooner people realise that the world is forever destined to remain this way, or if not even worse, the sooner we will begin making a difference on a more realistic level.

Perhaps the reason we don’t all end up making a positive mark on the world around us is because it’s all too often presumed that, by not being able to change the entire race of humanity and it’s way of living, it’s not worth trying to make a difference at all.

If somehow you have managed to turn your own life around in a way that sees you living better than the day before it, you’ve most likely done some good for someone else around you too. And once that domino effect is in place, eventually, we will all end up on a side where the grass might just be greener.

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For now, however, we need to remind those around us that winning and making positive changes to our own lives means we are helping to create the world we truly want. Even if we are the only ones living in it. It’s not narcissism. It’s not blowing our own horn. It’s not smugly letting everyone know that we are top shit. It’s collaboration, transpiration and creation. It’s a new beginning on a world we already know.

You’ve done great today but you won’t tomorrow

And that’s okay. Because we are human. We are individuals bound for reality and that means tripping, falling and stumbling through everything our day throws at us. But remember that, from the moment you lay your head on your pillow, a new story is set to unravel when the sun strikes once more. That story will probably have a twist. It might have a win. It might have a loss. But remember to keep fighting for your shine and never let someone living in their own shadows pull you back into a world where the future is not a bettered version of the past.

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