Getting of rid of clutter is sometimes not enough to get the inspiration juices flowing, and sometimes it means getting a bit of office design and organisation happening to make things work. Ensuring your work process and inspiration patterns are not interrupted is just as important as you focusing on a certain task. Here are some handy tips to keep you on track at work, and out of that nagging rut.


Organise your desk items by frequency of use

To encourage this, you can arrange all your belongings in a specific order. The ones you use everyday can be placed as close as possible, so you don’t have to interrupt what you’re doing and start looking for other items. This will give you a distraction-free process to getting things done and locating items quickly. Store them where they are well in sight and easily accessible when you need them most, but keep things tidy.


Organising tips to declutter

Think about your workspace and the items you’re more likely to use more often.


Personal touch

Nobody ever said you’re not allowed to add a personal touch to your workplace. Even a simple framed photograph of you and your loved ones on your desk can help. Relax your mind and support associations with work and comfort with this simple trick. Sometimes, it’s just the little things.


It’s a game of colours

Colour psychology is often used when it comes to increasing work productivity, inspiration and concentration. Each colour affects the mind in a different way and triggers a separate reaction from your body. Blue is known as the most productive colour, as it gets rid of stress and encourages thoughtfulness, concentration and mental work. If you think using only one shade will make your office look dull, feel free to add a splash of yellow or orange which will bring you energy, positivity and joy.


Jane is a blogger and content creator working with a trusted Melbourne handyman company. She’s interested in both common and off-beat subjects, facts or projects. In the rare moments of her spare time, you’ll find her with her laptop and a cup of warm coffee browsing for new eccentric ideas, or totally absorbed a DIY  project.

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