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How I learnt to declutter my life with these five questions


We’re all prone to being hoarders, even if just a little bit. While we may not be on the level of appearing on a reality show about it, there’s always that lingering fear that we just can’t let go of things we know we .

I turned my phone off for 48 hours and here’s what happened

Digital Life

I’m attached to my iPhone as much as I’m attached to a block of Cadbury or a giant skinny cappuccino. It’s something I have never been able to kick, but admittedly, I’ve never actually tried. So this long weekend, I .

The damage fad diets are really doing to your body


These days, it’s easy to fall into the trap of social media pressure and quick-fix diets that seem all the rage. The problem with the kinds of fad diets we see everyday is that they are usually lacking an important macronutrient—the composition .

Millennials: It’s time to stick it to the world

Featured Life

It’s a constant, nagging reminder: you’re young, therefore you know less, do less, care less, respect less. Allegedly. Probably not a day goes by where I’m not reminded of my age, and not just in the sense that I still get .

Why thinking you can change the world is causing you to fail

Featured Life

Walking down the aisle of the local supermarket could actually be the most depressing thing. Or even making my way down the busy CBD streets of Melbourne after a long day of challenging work. Why?

The ultimate to-do list: achieve more in your week

Life Productivity

I’ve always been the kind of person to write things down, scribble them out and highlight others. For me, it’s a tactic of organisation—the kind where if I didn’t have a method to my own madness, then it’d just be chaos. .

Should we feel bad about loving true crime?


When Making a Murderer first hit our Netflix-proned screens, I was enthralled. Not even that—I was obsessed. It was the first show I’d invested so much time and thought into that was along the lines of true crime, and for some reason or .