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I turned my phone off for 48 hours and here’s what happened

Digital Life

I’m attached to my iPhone as much as I’m attached to a block of Cadbury or a giant skinny cappuccino. It’s something I have never been able to kick, but admittedly, I’ve never actually tried. So this long weekend, I .

How to use social media to make you more productive

Digital Productivity

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. Among all the funny cat videos and viral memes—both of which I enjoy all too much—there’s the little bits and pieces that seem to suck up all our time, without us even knowing it. Before you know .

How ISIS is inspiring supporters through social media


This week’s terror attack on Manchester has delivered a heartbreaking blow to humanity. Killing 22 at an Ariana Grande concert, several being children, the lone wolf attack is now being treated as part of a much bigger picture—one that has UK PM .

Why Slack is the next big thing for your business

Digital Productivity

Productivity is one of those things: you’ve either got it, or you don’t. And I mean snoozes-alarm-five-times kind of don’t. But when you are able to tap into that mode and really hone in on what needs to be done, it takes an .

Instagram dieting: the dangers, the benefits and the in-between


Since it’s inception, Instagram has become that go-to tool for enviously sussing out each other’s lives, sparking considerable amounts of food envy and worshipping new fashion trends that are hitting the street. But more recently, .