Procrastination is one of those things you just kind of have to accept exists. It’s like decaf coffee: you don’t want it to be a thing, but it is. So all you can do about it is figure our how to beat it at its own game.

Luckily though, there are a few hacks up my sleeve that I use to get rid of those “I don’t want to adult” moments.

I guess I can share them with you.

Handle it now, not later

This one’s not really an issue for me if it comes to replying to a text or eating an entire block of chocolate because someone demands I need to do it. But if you struggle with getting around to things on your list because you’re the kind of person to just put them off, change up your habits and behaviour by forcing yourself to attend to them when they’re fresh on your to-dos.

That means, if you’ve received an email, voicemail, text—or any kind of communication—read it right away, respond right away, then let it go…right away. If you’re going back to these messages again later in the day, you’re wasting time. As a rule of thumb, read them once then get to the next thing.

Put your life on airplane mode

There’s this wonderful little feature on your iPhone (and Android) called airplane mode. It lets you turn off the world from contacting you, without shutting down your whole device. If that fails, you can always just hit the ‘Off’ button, but for the purpose of this paragraph, just go with it.


See your iPhones settings panel to locate this beauty.


Every now and then, at least once a week, you should allocate a day to yourself where you turn off all electronic devices, TVs (no Netflix) and gadgets. Give yourself a digital detox. If you work from home, use one of your days to get down to business without the real-time notifications the online world bombards you with. If you don’t, use one of your weekend days or RDOs to get back on track with traditional, before-there-was-internet life. You’ll be amazed at what you can get done without all the fancy gizmos at hand.

Coffee shops are good for more than just coffees

If you’re lucky enough to have a trendy little café around the corner from your office, take the opportunity to indulge in its environment.

There’s something about the soothing murmur of a coffee shop that gets productivity on the climb. No seriously, its been proven—New Scientist says it increases cognition and creativity that much that workplaces across the globe are adopting a “coffee culture”. You can even download apps like Coffitivity to download sounds that mimic these environments when getting a dose of the real thing just isn’t an option.

Do nothing. Seriously

I’m not pulling your leg here. If you’re having that much trouble getting your butt into gear, and just can’t bring yourself to get that critical thing on your to-do list done, do absolutely nothing at all. Just ignore it.

Literally sit and don’t do a single thing. Eventually, you’ll give into that nagging task you didn’t want to complete, just because you’re so damn bored.

Know your time management

If you’re not sure about how to even sort your tasks out and prioritise certain ones over others, know exactly what your week looks like. Map it all out on a to do list like our official one and keep this up-to-date as you going along. Scratch off tasks when you’ve completed them and add news ones when they arise.




Download this snazzy to-do list free.


You can download the official Words Are Louder To-Do list to get your started. Don’t stress, it’s free. No silly business.

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